Being an ED Physician led organization, WorldSource understand the importance of protecting patient's health information. We are 100% compliant to HIPAA and are committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of health data.

Locking down patient health information is our top priority and permeates every aspect of what we do. From the physical security of paper and servers to digital security of stored files to employee education, we hold ourselves to the highest security standards. Additionally, we continue to stay abreast of security issues and concerns to make sure we set the example in the industry.

Below is a list of just a few of the things we do to secure your data:

  • All data is backed up on multiple secure servers stored only in the US
  • Our offices worldwide are 100% owned and managed by us. We do not outsource your work to third parties
  • Personal items including cellphones are not allowed in the production areas
  • 24-hour guards on duty
  • Overseas employees subject to random "TSA-style" pat-down searches upon entering or exiting the production area
  • No printers or paper allowed in production areas
  • Email access for workers limited to in-office only

Many other security measures are in place which we would enjoy discussing with you