Management Team

D.W. "Chip" Pettigrew III, MD, FACEP


Co-founder and Chairman Chip Pettigrew began his medical career as a practicing emergency room physician, even launching the emergency and trauma services division at Athens Regional Medical Center, before translating his vast industry knowledge to WorldSource Healthcare (then Pettigrew Medical Services). Now, more than 25 years later, he and his team have grown what began as a fledgling medical services firm specializing in emergency care to a thriving international company.

Known for his extraordinary vision, Pettigrew was among the first, in 1988, to identify discrepancies between the work medical doctors performed and reimbursements. His innate foresight, combined with a strategic ability to operate ahead of the curve and experience practicing medicine in both teaching and community hospitals, allowed Pettigrew to discern long-term industry trends and recognize opportunities that form the foundation of the WorldSource philosophy even today. At the heart of this philosophy is the belief that hardworking, dedicated physicians should be compensated with full reimbursements even in the midst of the current healthcare climate.

Always one to approach operations with his characteristically unshakeable integrity honed during military service, Pettigrew still leads the WorldSource team by example as its founder and figurehead, never compromising quality and driven to be the most cost effective multinational resource for the healthcare industry in the worldsourcing space.

Pettigrew, who lives in Athens, GA, holds multiple leadership positions in a number of highly regarded national and regional emergency medicine specialty societies and is involved with several professional healthcare organizations. Hyper focused and high energy, he also is the founder of a private emergency medicine specialty group, as well as a system of urgent care clinics, that still operates successfully today.

He enjoys quality time to his wife, children and grandchildren, as well as quiet times reading and engaging in various fitness activities.

David Young, CPA

President & Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer David Young came to WorldSource Healthcare in 2005 following a highly successful, decade long tenure with large public accounting firms in Athens and Atlanta, GA. Recruited by founder and President Rick Pettigrew, David Young first applied his extensive financial sector knowledge to the role of Chief Operations Officer before being promoted to CEO in 2009.

Mr. Young, a visionary change management expert and team leader, has committed his time at WorldSource Healthcare to pioneering a wide variety of tools and processes that position the company far ahead of its competition. Mr. Young consistently has identified opportunities for growth and innovation, including the development of Vital Signs, a first to market proprietary software system allowing clients to monitor work and provide feedback in 24-7 real-time speed. He also was instrumental in significantly and quickly growing the WorldSource book of business during his first six months on the job, as well as in the company's expansion into the East Asian market in 2009.

A well-traveled, internationally savvy business man, Dave identified the potential of the Philippine market after a personal trip to the region. Following a period of research and due diligence, he and his family moved to Manila to spearhead operations. Now, only four years later, he has grown Philippine operations from one office with only 18 hand-selected employees to two locations with more than 200 employees, and still growing. Very recently, he expanded our footsteps into India.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dave is always seeking out the next operational challenge at WorldSource Healthcare. It is this drive for excellence and thirst for innovation, whether in new markets, new segments or new countries, that has helped make WorldSource a cutting-edge frontrunner in healthcare business process outsourcing.

Dave is a member of the Healthcare Finance Management Association (HFMA) who has spoken at several international conferences on healthcare BPO. He also maintains his Certified Public Accountant credentials and is a member of the American Institute of Public Accountants and the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants.

He holds a Master of Taxation Law from Georgia State University and lives in Athens, GA with his wife and three children.

Rick Pettigrew, CPC

President Emeritus

More than 25 years ago, WorldSource Healthcare Cofounder and President Rick Pettigrew left behind his life as a financial planner to take over the role of Business Manager in the emergency department for which his brother-in-law was the physician in charge. Only a few months later, the two men joined forces on their own venture: A small medical services firm specializing in emergency care.

The decidedly goal oriented Pettigrew immediately dedicated his time to becoming an expert in emergency medical coding, ultimately earning the designation Certified Professional Coder. Since that time, he has not only helped grow WorldSource Healthcare to a thriving international company, he also is a highly sought after consultant, writer and conference speaker on the topics of medical business services, coding best practices and more.

Today, Pettigrew is a driving force at WorldSource with a focus on stability, superior customer service and establishing a company roadmap that identifies, evaluates and adapts to client needs rather than providing a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach. In tandem with his steadfast commitment to provide world class service at this family owned business, Pettigrew prides himself on leading by example and instilling a consistent sense of clear, honest communication in everything he, and his team, does.

Widely regarded for approaching both his personal and professional lives with full attention and energy, Pettigrew attributes his success to his ethical, focused and enthusiastic outlook. He lives in Athens, GA, where he serves as the Chairman of the Elder Board at his church, and recently celebrated his 46th anniversary with his wife, five children and 16 grandchildren. When he's not at WorldSource, he enjoys traveling, playing basketball and teaching as an adjunct professor at Emmanuel College.