Who we are

In 1989 WorldSource Healthcare Cofounder and President Rick Pettigrew left behind his life as a financial planner to take over the role of Business Manager in the emergency department for which his brother-in-law was the physician in charge. Only a few months later, the two men joined forces on their own venture: A small medical services firm specializing in emergency care. Now, nearly 25 years later, that drive for excellence and thirst for innovation is alive and well at WorldSource, making us the premier multinational resource for the healthcare industry.

WorldSource Healthcare is headquartered in Athens, GA and owns delivery centers in Manila and Iloilo, Philippines; and one more in Chennai, India. Today, we are uniquely positioned at the forefront of the region's quickly growing knowledge process outsourcing sector. All of our offices are uniquely positioned with state-of-the-art infrastructure and university systems producing an English speaking workforce familiar with American culture.

Whether in the Philippines, USA or India, the WorldSource Healthcare team is composed of highly educated, performance driven problem solvers meticulously trained in time and resource management. This training culminates in the delivery of unparalleled and cost-saving results.

WorldSource specializes in billing, coding, accounts receivable management and contact center solution for healthcare billing companies, hospitals and insurers with large central business office operations. WorldSource Inc., established in the year 2009 is wholly owned and operated by Pettigrew Medical Business Services USA.

Let our team handle all of your healthcare revenue cycle management and free you to focus on what really matters. Our innovative, secure and cost effective solutions help reduce nonpayment, delayed payments, errors and reworks while increasing patient satisfaction.

It is our mission to create value for our customers by providing the highest quality healthcare solutions in the world.

At WorldSource, we don't follow best practices, we create them.

Our Services

We have always provided customized business services enabling Emergency Physicians to focus on the practice of medicine and now we have introduced real transparency. Coding, billing and reimbursement processes are available on-line. Client physicians can view the status of each chart. VitalSignsmd is the instrument that monitors the lifeblood of your practice and is the door to our open house.

Please step in for a visit. During your tour you will learn how this move to transparency can benefit your practice and significantly increase your revenues.

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